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Has climate change affected you? In what way do you see the world changing?

Nowadays, climate change has become an unavoidable topic. From rising temperatures, to stronger and more frequent storms, as well as melting ice caps, we hear that if we do not act now, many of the consequences will be irreversible. 
We live in a society where people have taken their own initiatives to fight climate change yet many are still looking for ways in which they can act. Everyone can contribute to the fight against climate change and we want to provide a platform to allow people to share about their initiatives and how others can follow in their footsteps. 

Rosalie Mann:

” La désillusion du plastique recyclé “

About Rosalie Mann

No More Plastic is a nonprofit with the objective of fighting against plastic pollution and protecting the environment, to raise awareness of the public on the pollution of marine life and seek for alternative solutions to plastic products, nudging our society to change their consumption habits.

She is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, artistic director, director, photographer and producer. She was for more than 15 years a marketing and image development strategy consultant in the luxury and movie industry. As mother, as citizen of the world she was shocked by the impact of our consumption on the future of the planet and decided to act in a concrete way.

“Today microplastics are everywhere. In deep ocean, in Antarctic ice, even in space and drifting in the air or falling with rain over mountains and cities. The future is to reduce our consumption of plastic. Reduce it drastically. And definitively innovate.

Ocean is the treasure of the humanity. We must preserve it, protect it, help it regenerate itself, for the future of life on Earth.

This problem is not the problem of others – this problem concerns all of us – whatever our beliefs, our vision of the world, our tastes, our differences. We must act now. 

Our world needs transformational changes.

Haunted by this idea, I decided to do something concrete to change our society, to inspire, to rethink our way of consuming, this is how No More Plastic was born.

During my researches with scientists, I discovered that plastic is a dangerous material throughout its entire cycle of life for the environment but also for human health. Knowing that, I could no longer reasonably remain without doing anything. We should all educate ourselves, understand to act better. We must reduce our consumption of plastic if we  want to give a healthy future to us and future generations. 

What sort of future do we want to create ?

We really need to think about where our plastic trash ends up and what it becomes. When we buy or produce a product, it is imperative to think about the butterfly effect it will have on the future of humanity and the planet. Many alternatives exist. It is by being informed and responsible consumers, eco-conscious humans that we can create a future we will be proud. There is no time to waste.

We can all contribute to the solution.”

Rosalie Mann



Federica Bertocchini:

” Plastic degradation by insects “

About Federica Bertocchini

After a PhD from the Open University London, UK/DIBIT Research Centre S. Raphael Hospital, Milan, Italy, in the department of cell signalling, and basic formation in molecular biology, she specialized in the study of early development of amniote embryos. She trained in institutes that fall into the top-rank category in the scientific community, worldwide: Department of Genetics, Columbia University, New York, USA; Department of Cell Biology, University College London, London, UK; Department of Biochemistry and Physiology, UCSF, San Francisco, USA. She has been working on basic questions related to the molecular mechanisms driving early development of chick and reptile embryos: applying molecular biology, microscopy and microsurgery manipulation on early embryos, she introduced new concepts in the understanding and interpretation of how early pluripotent cells restrict their potentiality towards specific fates. Further on, F.B. added up to evolutionary-driven questions in the study of these early developmental mechanisms. At the same time, F.B. developed a parallel line of research driven by the interest for environmental protection issues and the bioremediation methodology by biological processes. F.B discovered that the larvae of Lepidoptera Galleria mellonella are capable of fast biodegradation of polyethylene (PE) the most resilient and also produced plastic material in the world. The paper where the data were published was one of the very few in a new niche of research, that is plastic biodegradation by insects. The discovery stood out among three others because of its own feature: the unique speed of biodegradation, faster than any other biological means known so far, and the evolutionary implication within the capacity of the insect, supposedly derived by the capacity of these larvae to eat wax, a mix of complex molecules with resemblance to PE. F.B. established her lab at the CIB-CSIC, Madrid in September 2019 to continue developing the project on plastic biodegradation by insects.

Anne Desveronnières

” Human Creativity at the service of our quality of life “

About Anne Desveronnières

Anne se definit tout d’abord comme un citoyen du monde. Ayant habité quelques années au Maroc et aux Philippines, et les voyages l’ayant changée définitivement, elle espère apporter son point de vue ouvert sur l’autre et sur la différence. Après avoir géré une entreprise de vente en ligne pendant une quinzaine d’années, elle reprend des études de droit car, si initialement elle avait passé un master de communication, la défense était sa passion. Elle n’avait pas pensé à la défense de l’intérêt général et lorsque le hasard de la vie la voit être élue maire d’une commune rurale, Pomacle, elle découvre avec passion, le rôle de ceux qui souhaitent agir pour le bien être de leur prochain, les élus.

Deux années plus tard, elle devient Vice-Président du Grand Reims en charge de l’Environnement, de la Transition énergétique et de la bioéconomie. Son envie est de transmettre avec ardeur son aspiration à ‘ faire ensemble ‘ et à susciter la créativité que vont nous inspirer les défis que nous avons à mener collectivement, dès maintenant.

Alejandro Quecedo del Val

” Fictions for the  Anthropocene “

About Alejandro Quecedo del Val

Alejandro Quecedo del Val (Briviesca, 2002) is a young cultural enthusiast. Enjoy this passion in different areas, such as the theatre or radio, where he collaborates in a program of literary diffusion. Alejandro was the first president of Spanish Ornithological Society (SEO/Birdlife) Youth Steering Group, the first body established to reinforce youth climate action in Spain. During his mandate, scholarships dedicated to youth-lead climate action projects were established and the coordination of youth-led climate movements were enhanced. He was invited by the Spanish Prime Minister to act as the Spanish Young Ambassador to the first-ever UN Youth Climate Summit, where he collaborated in the draft of the Global Youth Climate Action Declaration. He was also highly involved in several of the COP25 events. He is an environmental and cultural activist. In 2019 he was awarded with the National Philosophy Olympiad prize, and his book “Cuatro Meses en el Infierno” (2019) commentaries and articles have caused a notable impact.

The Climate Crisis is more than an environmental urgency. It is also a social one. The consequences of our material greed are causing not only destructive effects on our planet, but also on our people. Temperature is rising at the same pace as inequality, species are disappearing as fast as opportunities. The time for a bold change has come. We need to build a future based on equity and in harmony with the environment. And that future, begins with our actions today.”

Source: https://en.unesco.org/youth/you-can#quecedo-del-val

Age of Change – April 17, 2021

The underlying force driving human history is change. From the Industrial Revolution to the signing of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights to the global outbreak of COVID-19—our daily lives have always been on the brink of transformation. Throughout the conference, TEDxPlaceMuseux will challenge you to consider your relationship to change. Our array of diverse speakers will offer different perspectives, leaving you to interpret the meaning of the Age of Change


Featured Talks & Speakers from Age of Change Conference 2021

About Paolo Gallo

Paolo Gallo is a Futurist, global expert in Human Capital, Future of Work, Leadership 4.0 and ICF certified Executive Coach. Paolo is Adjunct Professor in Leadership and Organizational Behavior at SDA Bocconi Executive Education Milan. A popular futurist and a recognized thought leader in themes related to global job market megatrends, ethics and AI, Leadership 4.0, personal development, well-being and energy management in a disruptive VUCA world, Paolo has served as Chief Human Resources Officer at the World Economic Forum in Geneva and has also been Chief Learning at The World Bank in Washington DC and Director of Human Resources at the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development in London, with prior experience at the International Finance Corporation in Washington DC and at Citigroup in London, New York and Milan, his home town. He is also a board member of selected companies. Paolo graduated with top marks in Organizational Behavior from Bocconi University, Milan. He is a Chartered Fellow of the FCIPD, UK and a Certified Leadership Coach from Georgetown University, Washington DC. He has worked in 80+ countries and has authored articles published by Harvard Business Review (Italian and Arabic editions), Forbes, World Economic Forum Agenda, IrishTech, Quartz, LINC, Pirelli Magazine Italy and Tribune de Geneve.

About Julian Ranger

Julian is Exec President and founder of www.digi.me. Digi.me is the decentralized personal data solution which empowers individuals to share more & better data to enable businesses to provide more & better value, with 100% privacy, full security, and consent. Digi.me is at the forefront of the MyData wave worldwide which is revolutionizing healthcare through patient centricity, consumer personalisation in Fintech and Martech, and other sectors where personal data is the key to value creation. Initially an aeronautical engineer, Julian founded STASYS Ltd in 1987, specializing in interoperability and the military internet, and grew it to a staff of 230, with subsidiaries in the USA, Germany, Malaysia, and Australia prior to sale to Lockheed Martin in 2005. Julian retired from Lockheed in 2007 as VP of International Strategy. Julian is an angel investor in more than 20 start-up businesses, including firms such as Hailo, DataSift, and Astrobotic. Julian is a Chartered Engineer, Fellow of the IMechE, and Liveryman of the Worshipful Company of Engineers, and is also a Virgin Galactic Future Astronaut.

About Dr Nata Menabde

Dr Nata Menabde is Executive Director of WHO Office at the United Nations, New York since May 2015. There she promotes WHO’s engagement with the United Nations system and a broad range of stakeholders to anchor health in the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development agenda. Prior to her current role, Dr Menabde was Head of Mission and WHO Representative to India, leading a large team with thousands of dedicated professionals in over 250 offices across the country. Most notably, her tenure saw one of the biggest achievements in public health: a polio-free India. As Deputy Regional Director at the WHO Regional Office for Europe (2006-2010) she successfully led the Region’s work on strengthening health systems, which culminated in the development and adoption of the European Tallinn Charter: Health Systems for Health and Wealth, a decade ago. During this period she was also in charge of WHO’s extensive operations in 35 European countries, including emergency response and post-conflict recovery and rehabilitation. With a solid academic background and an exemplary track record of over 30 years of experience in regional and global health, health diplomacy and health systems, Dr Nata Menabde has shown unwavering commitment to the goal of Health for All. Her current interests are linked to universal health coverage and sustainable development, health and foreign policies, global health governance, emergency preparedness and crises response, health systems performance, as well as addressing public health in other sector policies.

About Dr Conrad Hughes

Conrad Hughes (PhD, EdD) is Campus and Secondary Principal at the International School of Geneva, La Grande Boissière, the oldest international school in the world where he also teaches philosophy. Hughes led two major projects with UNESCO-IBE to rethink the guiding principles for learning in the 21st Century and preventing violent extremism through education. He has published three books on different aspects of 21st Century learning. Understanding Education and Prejudice (2017) looks at how schools and universities can reduce prejudicial thinking in students and instructors; in Educating for the 21st Century (2019), he investigates how educational systems can address societal challenges such as sustainability, the rise of AI, post-truth politics, mindfulness and future-proof knowledge. His latest book, Education and Elitism (2021), discusses how access to high quality education can be widened. Dr Hughes is a member of the advisory board for the University of the People, senior fellow of UNESCO’s International Bureau of Education and research assistant at the University of Geneva’s department of psychology and education. He is a regular contributor to the World Economic Forum’s Agenda blog and speaks in conferences across the globe.

About Crystal Cordell

Crystal Cordell Paris is the deputy director of Sciences Po Paris, Reims campus and a specialist in political philosophy with her thesis receiving the prix Richelieu in 2010.. She’s taught at Sciences Po and the preparatory classes for the grandes ecoles. Her current work focuses on emotions in politics as well as feminist philosophies and applied ethics.

About Sir Charles Bowman

Charles retired as a Senior Partner of PwC in September 2020. He joined Price Waterhouse in 1983, qualified in 1986 and was admitted to partnership in 1995. Throughout 37 years, he specialised in the delivery of audit, assurance and capital market transaction services to larger listed and multi-national companies. Amongst many leadership roles, he led PwC’s Building Public Trust programme. Elected as an Alderman of the City of London in May 2013, he served as Sheriff of the City in 2015/16 and as the 690th Lord Mayor of London in 2017/18. His mayoral theme was the Business of Trust – with its focus on helping to create a sustainable legacy of better business trusted by society. He was knighted in the 2019 Birthday Honours for services to trust in business, international trade and the City of London.

About Sarah Labbé

Sarah est consultante en Finance Responsable & RSE. Diplômée d’un master II en Finance de marchés, Sarah démarre sa carrière dans les institutions bancaires (Société Générale, Natixis, Groupe Crédit Mutuel ARKEA), ce qui lui permet de développer de nombreuses compétences dans les activités de marché et de gestion de projets d’envergure (Banque de détail & d’investissement, marché OTC, produits dérivés, structurés, OST…). Depuis 2016 et le déploiement de son activité de conseil, Sarah accompagne les institutions financières et les entreprises sur de nombreux axes d’intervention en lien avec la finance responsable. En 2020, elle co-fonde l’association AFR, Les Acteurs de la Finance Responsable, dont l’ambition est de fédérer une communauté d’experts de la finance et de contribuer au développement de bonnes pratiques autour des grands enjeux français et internationaux de la finance responsable. Persuadée que la crise environnementale et sociale ne se résoudra que par des changements structurels d’ampleur, Sarah Labbé encourage les institutions financières et les entreprises à acquérir de nouvelles compétences techniques pour appréhender les défis auxquels se confronte l’humanité. Résolument optimiste, elle partage aujourd’hui son expérience dans plusieurs universités et au sein des entreprises, que ce soit dans le cadre de services de conseil, de modules de formation ou de conférences.

About Chris Pieroni

Chris started his career teaching applied economics to undergraduates at Cambridge University. Following feedback from his students he gave up teaching and moved to London to work in Corporate Finance and Commercial Real Estate. Recently retired, he spent the last 20 years as Operations Director of Workspace Group Plc, a London based commercial real estate company specialising in letting office space and facilities on flexible terms. He has been privileged to witness first-hand the growth of the creative and technology sectors across London and with colleagues, introduced a succession of new technologies to meet the demands of this fast growing and changing dynamic sector. His PhD from Cambridge analysed the impact of technology on the office sector. Much to the amusement of his children he not only purports to still understand technology, but also has been known to occasionally offer advice on the subject.

About Benjamin Schmale

Benjamin Schmale explores what divides us in a hyperconnected, globalised era – and what we must necessarily do to regain some semblance of unity. Interested in what makes our societies worth defending, Benjamin Schmale is a student of History, Politics, Economics and the humanities generally. Having grown up in a multilingual and multicultural sphere, Benjamin has a unique insight into what allows individuals to coexist and even thrive in the presence of those who think, look and act differently. As an alumnus of the International School of Geneva, he serves on the anti-discrimination committee, providing a student voice and writing critical essays on topics such as race and society. He is also a pianist who writes hip hop music and performance. He has been involved with his school’s student leadership and is partial to basketball.

About Todun Akinyelure

Todun Akinyelure is a Nigerian designer and artist. He is the founder of the Lagos based clothing brand, Todun Akin Clothing (T.A.C). He started his brand in 2017 at the age of 15 in Lagos, Nigeria, and it was a great success in the Nigerian urban market. In 2018 he was opportuned to meet the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, and presented him with a custom-made TAC t-shirt. A year later another great opportunity enabled him to meet the former governor-general of Canada, Michaëlle Jean and also presented her with a custom-made TAC t-shirt. During the first Covid lockdown in March 2020, He capitalized on this time to develop himself and focus on evolving into a more determined and driven creative. His vision is to inspire and help people achieve their dreams and become better versions of themselves. One of the ways he does this is through his motivational videos on his Instagram platform, where he talks about various topics ranging from his Christian faith to life lessons he has learnt on his journey as a designer. Todun is in his first year at Ryerson University, studying Fashion and Business. He is expanding his knowledge on the industry in order to apply it to his brand. He recently started creating and selling his abstract paintings. The passion for this arose from his IB visual art classes which he took in high school.

About Rabia Alaoui

Rabia Alaoui a grandi dans le contraste enrichissant de ses deux cultures Française et Marocaine. Le fait d’avoir vécu en France, au Maroc, en Irlande et au Pays de Galles avant l’âge de 18 ans a influencé sa vision du monde, soulignant l’importance des interactions interculturelles, multiculturelles et multiconfessionnelles entre les peuples du monde entier pour une meilleure compréhension internationale. Récemment diplômée des United World Colleges (Atlantic), Rabia défend les valeurs de ce mouvement éducatif afin de faire de l’éducation une force d’unification des peuples, des nations et des cultures pour la paix et un avenir durable. Elle a poursuivi cette mission en travaillant à l’UNESCO durant l’été 2020 où elle a constaté l’impact de la pandémie du COVID-19 sur l’éducation à l’échelle mondiale, et où elle a contribué à la présentation du projet Priorité Afrique au Conseil exécutif. Particulièrement engagée dans la défense des exilés et des droits des réfugiés, elle s’engage auprès de Revivre Paris pour aider les réfugiés dans leur processus d’acquisition de statut et dans leur adaptation socioprofessionnelle. Chanteuse, pianiste et violoncelliste amatrice, Rabia met à profit sa passion pour la musique en dispensant des séances de musicothérapie à des personnes âgées souffrant d’Alzheimer et en donnant des cours de musique gratuits à des enfants qui ont peu accès à l’éducation musicale. Rabia poursuit actuellement une licence à l’université de Sciences Po en Humanités Politiques et en Droit.

About Henri Jackson

Henri Jackson is a young American-German musician from Berlin, Germany. From a young age, he has had the opportunity to learn guitar, piano, trumpet, and euphonium, while performing in various bands and orchestras. Most importantly, he discovered his passion for singing and began travelling the world to choir festivals and singing in countless barbershop quartets. He was highly commended for his choral compositions by the AMIS Young Composer’s jury, and continues to produce acapella performances on his YouTube channel, as well as arranging and composing music in a variety of fields, including for professional bands, podcasts, and meditation. This experience with music in diverse contexts has forged a passionate belief that music can bring people together across different cultures and age groups. After writing and helping produce a folklore inspired musical entitled “The Tale of the Bamboo Princess” for young students in 2019, he saw up-close the power of music in uniting people in a creative process, being vulnerable together, and ultimately building new lasting relationships. Today, he works as a head organizer of the Bing! Youth Chorus, a barbershop choir that aims to inspire young people from all around Germany through singing. As a bachelor student at Sciences Po Reims, he welcomes his studies as an opportunity to explore music further as a social phenomenon in the world of politics, economics, and changing technology. If you see him around campus, be sure to say hello, especially if you are up for a fun night of communal singing.

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