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April 9th, 2022

Spark a revolution. The TEDxPlace Museux team is presenting a new event, part of our annual calendar.. Hear live speakers and selected TED talks exploring the subject of this event from a range of perspectives. 

Talks & Speakers from Spark a Revolution 

Ashish Dubey

University Student

Ashish Dubey is an internationalist in the purest sense. Since his childhood, the discussions and world around world politics have fascinated him and ultimately drove his motivation for a dual degree between SciencesPo and Columbia University. That combined with a propensity for public speaking and performance has led us here. Ashish will hope to change the very way we imagine our relationship with the government.

François Gravet

Conseil et formation en marketing

“Marié, deux enfants, un gros chien, deux petites chattes, heureux”. Voilà comment Monsieur Gravet, enseignant de marketing notamment à La Sorbonne buisness school et à l’EDHEC spécialisé dans la conception d’une vision éthique du marketing se définit lui-même. Pourtant, au delà de son statut marital, Monsieur Gravet, c’est également un professeur engagé pour un marketing éthique. Si engagé qu’il a fondé en 2016, “l’institut de l’éthique” qui vise à promouvoir les pratiques responsables dans les entreprises. Il va nous délivrer aujourd’hui une vision plus pétillante et révolutionnaire du marketing, science du marché : “sparkling marketing”

Jessica Soule

University Student

Jessica is a 2nd year EURAM Political Humanities student in the UBC Dual Degree. She is a social change advocate for healthcare reform, mental health destigmatization, and policy reform regarding the opioid crisis. She strongly believes in the importance of conversation, learning from people with lived experience, and cultural competency. She has worked with various public health organizations in Vancouver and started her own organization, ‘This is: Harm Reduction”, in order to destigmatize and educate around the opioid crisis in Canada. Jessica considers herself an expert in baking burnt cookies, country music, and fun facts about Canada (did you know it has a the longest coastline in the world?).

Marvin von Hagen

Student in Management & Computer Science

Marvin von Hagen is an undergrad in Management & Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich. Previously, he has worked as a Research Assistant at the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM), led External Relations at the TUM Speakers Series, and was Co-Founder & Project Lead of TUM Boring, the student initiative he will talk about in his TEDx talk. After studying a semester abroad at the Reims Campus of Sciences Po Paris, he is currently working as an Analytics Intern at Tesla’s EMEA Headquarters in Amsterdam.

Michèle Grenot

Historienne, membre du mouvement ATD Quart Monde et de la Commission Nationale Consultative des Droits de l’Homme

Née en 1950, après un temps d’enseignement et une maîtrise d’histoire, j’ai connu le mouvement ATD Quart Monde d’abord à Londres. La rencontre avec des personnes, des familles en situation de grande pauvreté, notamment dans les universités populaires Quart Monde, lieux de dialogue et de formation réciproque entre des adultes vivant en grande pauvreté et des citoyens solidaires qui s’engagent à leurs côtés, fut déterminante. J’ai entrepris une thèse sur LP Dufourny, auteur d’un texte de 1789, intitulé Cahiers du Quatrième Ordre, dont Joseph Wresinski, fondateur du mouvement ATD Quart Monde s’est en partie inspiré pour forger le nom de Quart Monde. De 2003 à 2010, j’ai représenté le mouvement ATD Quart Monde à la Commission nationale consultative des Droits de l’Homme. Je participe à différents projets autour du questionnement entre le passé et le présent et l’importance de tenir compte de ce que vivent et pensent les plus pauvres.

R. Kat Morse

Innovation evangelist and connection builder

Kat Morse believes that we should follow the road less taken, as this leads to many more adventures. Kat holds a Bachelor of Science in Brain and Cognitive Sciences – University of Rochester, a Juris Doctor – University of Illinois at Chicago Law School, and a Wine Law specialization – Universite de Reims. She is the first American, and first Asian, to be granted the title of Ambassadrice du Champagne from the CIVC and is also a Dame Chevalier de l’Ordre des Coteaux de Champagne. Kat has worked as an EMT, an attorney, a wine specialist, and an entrepreneur launching 3 startups. She currently works at the International Air Transport Association where she helps foster innovation and creates connections. Through this role she launched the first industry-owned travel tech accelerator, Accelerate@IATA, and oversees various innovation activities. Kat is most proud of her two awesome children and fantastic husband.

Stéphanie Martins

Coach, experte en leadership, mindset et psychologie positive

Je suis Stéphanie Martins, Je suis maman de deux petits garçons de 6 et 2 ans . Coach, experte en leadership, mindset et psychologie positive. Assistante sociale de formation, c’est à 26 ans après un burn out et une séparation chaotique que je me suis formée à divers domaines du coaching et de l’accompagnement. J’ai eu la chance pendant le confinement de créer une communauté à destination des mères pour les aider à révéler leur plein potentiel et vivre une vie joyeuse, riche de sens et pétillante. Ce n’est pas toujours simple de franchir le pas, surtout quand on vient d’une famille ouvrière, où le mot « entrepreneuriat » est synonyme de danger et de folie. Aujourd’hui, je collabore avec plusieurs coachs sur différentes thématiques, je mets en place des programmes d’accompagnement en ligne et j’organise des évènements autour du bien-être , du mindset et de la psychologie positive . Mon leitmotiv est : Tout est possible à celui qui ose et n’abandonne jamais.

Yui Ogihara

University Student

Yui Ogihara is a student at SciencesPo and UC Berkeley. Born in Chile from a Japanese family and recently living in Los Angeles she tackles the notion of race and identity and how they play out in the real world. Co-president of the first Asian Solidarity Association in the Reims Campus, Yui draws on her experience when confronted with the alarming and present concept of racism. Growing up in three distinct countries, at 20 she is still unsure of where her place is in the world, much like every ‘third-culture kid’. She works at International Model UN Association as the Director of the UN Human Rights Council and conducts research on the history of slavery in Louisiana with a UC Berkeley professor, growing her interest in notions of race and human rights. Expanding her knowledge not only on the history of Asians but other races through extracurricular projects, she tries to answer in her own words how our perception of others through race has evolved into what we see in society today.

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